Tradition. Innovation. Dedication.
Cleangeartech eye catching gearboxes are what can be defined as tradition in the service of innovation.
A new born business unit, Cleangeartech, has its roots in a long story of two engineers, father and son, who managed to keep up with a continuous technological progress in the mechanical transmission industry.
It all began with a hydrodynamic speed variator in Giuseppe Speggiorin in 1955.
In 1983 the son of Giuseppe, Stefano Speggiorin, founded his own company, Hydro-Mec Spa, now one important manufactures of high quality and modular gearboxes.
In 2006 Stefano decided to face another challenge, this time coming directly from the end users. He designed a range of stainless steel products initially for food industry; same year Hydro-Mec started manufacturing. As time passed, it became obvious that this project deserved its own story. In 2016 Cleangeartech brand and business unit started.
En la actualidad es una división con una fabricación altamente tecnológica, una red de ventas a nivel mundial en constante crecimiento y una fuerte apuesta por el I + D. Cleangeartech is deeply committed to providing a high level of service supplying an exceptional product to such demanding industries like Food & Beverage, Meat & Poultry, Marine, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.



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Pinions grinding

Worm grinding

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