Tradition. Innovation. Dedication.
Cleangeartech eye catching gearboxes are what can be defined as tradition in the service of innovation.
A new born business unit, Cleangeartech, has its roots in a long story of two engineers, father and son, who managed to keep up with a continuous technological progress in the mechanical transmission industry.
It all began with a hydrodynamic speed variator in Giuseppe Speggiorin in 1955.
In 1983 the son of Giuseppe, Stefano Speggiorin, founded his own company, Hydro-Mec Spa, now one important manufactures of high quality and modular gearboxes.
In 2006 Stefano decided to face another challenge, this time coming directly from the end users. He designed a range of stainless steel products initially for food industry; same year Hydro-Mec started manufacturing. As time passed, it became obvious that this project deserved its own story. In 2016 Cleangeartech brand and business unit started.
Today it is division with a highly technological manufacturing, evolving worldwide sales network and a strong focus on R&D activities. Cleangeartech is deeply committed to providing a high level of service supplying an exceptional product to such demanding industries like Food & Beverage, Meat & Poultry, Marine, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.



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